HeriTRAINage is aproject developed under Erasmus+ Program KA2 action. In the website you will find info related to the project, to the partners and to the products we will realize during this 20 months of activities at local and international level.

The project purpose is to create on-line facilities containing set of tools, tutorials and training modules that will include socio-civic and social entrepreneurship methods, good practice examples in the use of heritage for its contribution to job creation, economic growth and social cohesion.
The mentioned resources will be accessible to staff of adult’s trainers whose are working in the field of natural and cultural heritage.

Objectives are:
– to facilitate needs based target groups’ comparative learning about green economy, climate change, cultural and natural change preservation, social and cultural enterprises;
– to build up target groups’ digital knowledge, skills and attitude to ease their work with disadvantaged people.
– create new training paths, based on the use of ICT and interaction of ICT with cultural and natural heritage.
– let our trainers to get new skills and competences and use them to preapar and train disadvantaged groups of adults in our local community.
– spread the feelin of bolonging to European community, among our staff and among the learners in each partner.

Our project involves two groups of participants:
Trainers, professionals, from each partners organisation who will contribute to the design and making of the OERs, delivery of training workshops for this multinational group of adult workers and learners.
Adult learners in disadvantage socio-economical situation. We will select a specific number of learners in order to guarantee the best training for them.

There will be a continous multinational groups exchanging experience, observing each others’ heritages, brainstorming solutions, creating together new tools and modules.
The basis for exchange experience and good practices during the project meetings and short term joint training sessions will be set in each partner country by organizing at least one initial brainstorming workshop and preliminary guided tour targetting landscape, environment, climate change, historical and cultural places.

Several round of workshops will also take place in each country to collect, organize and braistorm users’ access to information and documentation on social and green entrepreneurship, new jobs in the green economy, community job opportunity for disadvantaged people, needed skills and attitude by disadvantaged adults to get a job in a social enterprise or to start a new one.

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